Eating fish the Asian way

I’m back from Hong Kong! Now that I’m back in full swing with my kitchen…I can’t wait to try out more recipes and share my experience with you all! Be prepared for more Asian recipes to come since I’m still on the Asian cuisine hype.


Steaming a fish isn’t the usual way for western people to enjoy this sea animal. The type of cooking methods that we normally come across are either grilled, baked or battered in breadcrumbs/flour. However, Asians especially Chinese eat their fish…steamed most of the time. If you’ve never tried steaming a fish, you’ll be amazed by its freshness and the flavour of ginger, shallots and soy sauce.

Easy Peasy Asian Style Steamed Snapper
with ginger, shallots and soy sauce


Get yourself some…

1 whole fish (snapper)
Shallots (1 bunch)
Ginger (3 slices)
Chinese pepper/ white pepper (little)
Oil (1/4 cup)
Soy sauce (1/2 cup)


1. De scale the fish (normally you can ask the fish monger  to do it for you). Wash thoroughly under tap water and pat dry.

2.  Chop ginger into strips. Sprinkle chinese pepper on both sides of the fish and place ginger on top.

3. Boil water in a wok just below the height of the steam rack. Once water is boiled, carefully place the fish on top of the rack and cover with a lid.

4. Steam for around 10 minutes depends on the size of your fish. Use chopstick to poke through the thicker parts of the fish to check whether it is cooked.

5. Once its cooked, fry the shallots with the oil until aromatic. Pour the hot oil on top of the fish and lastly, finish off with soy sauce.



All photo credit: Eyes of Ed

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