Homemade Butter!!

Hm…do I need to add more adjectives to the title? Like “homemade smooooth butter” or “homemade creammmmy butter”? Nah, just these two words “homemade butter” already makes me scream YUMMMM! If it doesn’t do that to you…then I think you don’t love butter enough.

Homemade butter

When people heard that I made my own butter, they went…”wow” “really?!”. But even before I started to do research on how to make my own butter, it wasn’t something that I thought I would ever make it myself as well. Because…it’s only like $3 – $5 to buy a whole tub of butter in supermarkets right?

Then the research process started…and then I realised how INCREDIBLY easy it is to make your own butter. They say you need to churn your butter, and even the word churn made me feel like I need some kinda special machine to “CHURN”. Nope, I was wrong. All you really need is a hand-held electric mixer, a shallow mixing bowl, milk/cream and ice water. Some even say that you can shake it in a jar until it seperate (yes, work that muscle). A blender will work perfectly as well.

Making butter from cream

After a messy 10 minutes, for the first time ever, I was holding a big ball of super soft and light-weight butter. Spread it on a piece of toast, and oh-my, it just melts in your mouth straight away! The texture was super soft and creamy. Never have I had so much butter in such a short amount of time.

Here it goes.

Homemade Butter

Cooking Time: 20 minutes Cost: AUS $4

600ml pure cream (or more)
ice water (to wash the butter)


Electric Mixer/ Blender/ Stand mixer
Mixing bowl


1. Pour cream into mixing bowl and beat it for around 10 minutes.
Thickened cream
2. You will realise the cream starts to thicken and eventually split into buttermilk and butter.
3. Once it splits, scrape the side of the bowl and beat for a few more minutes.
Buttermilk and butter
4. Pour the mixture into a sieve and press it down to get all the buttermilk out.
(Alternatively, you can use a cheesecloth instead)
Squeeze out buttermilk
Rinse the butter in ice water (to prevent it from melting) until the water turns clear.
(It took me around 7 washes.)
6. Add salt in and give it a good mix. Don’t add salt if you want unsalted butter.
7. Put in a sealed container, you can either freeze it if you made a big batch,
or just leave it on the counter so it is ready to use at all times!
Spread butter


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