For those who already know me, I’m originally from Hong Kong. Yes, the little but very hectic city with 7 million people- one of the most densely populated area in the world! For those who have never been to Hong Kong (H.K.), I’d say you should write it down in your travel list! This city is buzzing with excitment. You can find retail shops open til 11pm and some restaurants go beyond mid-night.

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I normally don’t go home to visit my family and friends around this period of time, but because of my recent knee injury, my parents wanted me to come back to H.K for Chinese acupuncture therapy!

Surprise homecoming? I decided not to tell my best friends that I’m going home because I didn’t expect that I would as well! The next thing they know, I was right in front of their face.


ANYHOO! I visited a very unique restaurant called Grassroots Pantry recently. This little organic and vegetarian café  is tucked at the end of a small laneway at Sai Wan, which is easily accessible by bus. Their decoration and atmosphere of the restaurant is very westernized, with two floors and some outside seating to enjoy the sunshine!


On arrival, I was greeted by friendly staffs who described their daily specials that switches once in two days. I also got served a glass of very refreshing lemon, peppermint leaves and vanilla pods infused water. The vanilla pods gave the water a slightly sweet taste, a great way to jazz up a pot of plain, boring water! I also ordered a healthy detox “Mean Green” juice with apple, celery, pear, spinach, parsley, cucumber and ginger. Another tick.


One of the chefs recommended a popular salad dish, the Curly Kale Salad. Oh man. I am no vegetarian myself and I never really liked salad that much. But this plate of goddess changed my life!

The kale walnut salad with homemade tahini dressing was my favourite. I had bad experiences with kale previously and I hated that bitter taste they have. However, this kale was totally different! I was very surprised. All the ingredients they used were very fresh. No soggy salad! Their homemade tahini sauce gave the kale a very special creamy taste. YUM!


My next favourite was the carrot salad. A spicy Thai kelp noodle with kefir dressing. This salad was very light and crunchy with organic carrots and green cabbage. I never had kefir dressing before and the taste is similar to seasame dressing- which I love. The slightly spicy flavour gave the salad a good kick as  well!

Lastly, the fattoush salad, a Lebanese summer salad with lemon garlic olive oil dressing! I personally think that the dressing was a tiny bit sour for my taste. The salad consist of cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and…and… crunchy chapati! This dish is full of surprises! Chapati is an Indian flat bread, giving the salad more texture.


Overall, I love the design of this cosy restaurant. The staffs were very warm and sociable (nothing like typical Asian rude waitresses that you encounter in H.K haha!). The food and drink were amazing and I will definitely visit again before I go back to Australia!


Grassroots Pantry

Address: 12 Fuk Sau Lane, Sai Ying Pun
Open Tuesday to Sunday. 
Visit their site for more info:


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