Chicken Mushroom Asparagus Risotto

I finally finished all my exams! Congratulations to all the other uni students as well! To top it off, I decided to cook risotto inspired by one of the Masterchef episodes. One of the contestants (Kira) even replaced risotto rice with quinoa? While quinoa is a much healthier option, I’m not so sure about the texture compare to risotto. Arborio rice is an Italian high starch short-grain rice which makes the risotto a creamy consistency. However, the last time I tried quinoa, it was very much liked cous cous- a slightly crunchy texture.

This is only my second time to cook risotto! My first time was a total disaster and tasted nothing like any of the risotto dish I previously had in restaurants! Have you ever tried cooking risotto? What was your experience like and any secret tips? Comment and let me know.

Chicken Mushroom Asparagus Risotto
Serves: 3 – 4ppl

Get yourself some…

3 cups Arborio rice
500g (3 fillets) of skinless chicken thighs (chopped)
2 bunches of baby asparagus (chopped)
(300g) 1 packet of sliced mushroom
1 medium size brown onion (chopped)
100g Parmesan cheese
1L salt reduced chicken stock
250ml white wine
80g of butter

Cooking time…

1. Roughly chop the onion. Chop chicken into small bite size. Chop asparagus.
2. Melt 30g of butter with some olive oil.

3. Cook onion til soft but not coloured.

4. Add garlic and Arborio rice. Toast the rice til the colour slightly changes.

5. Add the white wine and let the rice and onion absorbed all the liquid.

5. 6. Add 4 cups of stock, turn down heat and let it simmer for 12 minutes with lid on. Do not stir.

7. Meanwhile, use another pan to fry the mushroom with olive oil and 30g butter.

Do not let the mushroom cook for too long.

8. Stir fry the chicken and asparagus as well til cooked. Season.

9. After 12 minutes, check the rice if its cooked. If not, add more stock and stir. Keep testing and continue to add more stock if needed.

10. Stir in the chicken, mushroom and asparagus.

11. Take the pan off the heat. Stir in some butter  and Parmesan cheese to make the risotto creamy. Taste. Season if needed.